Kittamaqundi Community is an independent, ecumenical Christian community that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here.
People of all races, ethnicities, political views, sexual orientation, religious and educational backgrounds and abilities are valued members of our community.

Oliver's Carriage HouseOliver's Carriage House, 5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD

Kittamaqundi Community Church
at historic Oliver's Carriage House

Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff, enabling minister

Sunday Worship Service: 10 am
Sunday School : 10-11:15 am

Everyone is welcome here!

Heather Kirk-Davidoff


Hear Heather's Easter Sunday sermon.


Easter Greetings, everyone!

According to the Christian liturgical calendar, the Easter season lasts 50 days, from Easter Day until Pentecost, which we’ll celebrate on May 24th. But really, every time we get together as a community, for worship or service or celebration or consolation, we are celebrating the resurrection, not only of Jesus Christ, but of the Body of Christ, the church.

Not only did Jesus die on Good Friday, but the movement he started died, too. His disciples scattered in fear, but on Easter they came back to their life together!  Hallelujah!

But a resurrected Body doesn’t look the same as it did before. The scriptures give us only a vague picture of what Jesus’ resurrected body looks like, but they tell us quite a bit about what the resurrected body of the church looks like. Our April Worship Task Group is going to spend the next couple of weeks looking at some stories about the very first Christian communities and considering what those stories have to say to our community as we live into the invitation to be Easter people.

This week, Bonnie Personett is going to lead our reflections, considering how the resurrected community related with each other. Our Worship Task Group begged Bonnie to share some fascinating connections she made between two scriptures (which the lectionary actually assigned to last week): Acts 4:32-35, which describes how the early church shared everything in common, and John 20:19-31, the story of “Doubting Thomas.”

Bonnie will lead us into some conversations at tables. Then we’ll pray together and share communion together at the tables -- and experience first-hand the gift of community, alive again.

Please join us!

Yours, Pastor Heather

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