Kittamaqundi Community is an independent, ecumenical Christian community that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here.
People of all races, ethnicities, political views, sexual orientation, religious and educational backgrounds and abilities are valued members of our community.

Oliver's Carriage HouseOliver's Carriage House, 5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD

Kittamaqundi Community Church
at historic Oliver's Carriage House

Rev. Heather Kirk-Davidoff, enabling minister

Sunday Worship Service: 10 am
Sunday School : 10-11:15 am

Everyone is welcome here!

Heather Kirk-Davidoff


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This coming Sunday, May 24th, is Pentecost, a Christian holiday that has not (yet) been commercialized. Because the shopping malls don’t decorate for the occasion, it is easy to forget that this Sunday is actually a Big Deal. Without Pentecost, a person might think that Christianity is all about remembering Jesus -- who he was, what he did, what he taught, how he died and how God resurrected him from death. Pentecost reminds us that all of those stories about Jesus, although important, are a preamble to the real action. 

The story at the heart of the Christian faith is the story of the disciples of Jesus. We remember Jesus because there were people who remembered him and took what he said and did to heart.  We celebrate Jesus’ life because the lives of the people who followed him were forever changed. We call him a redeemer because his disciples experienced redemption, and went out into the world believing that the same thing was possible for every person they met.

All of that begins with Pentecost, the day when the disciples stopped talking to each other and started talking with other people, including people who came from different countries and spoke different languages. On Pentecost, Christianity stopped being something for “us” and became something for “them.” And that’s when the story really begins.

So let’s whoop it up a bit this week. Let’s dress for the occasion (wear red or any other fire color you have in your wardrobe) and come ready to celebrate. Because as good as it is to know the stories of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, it is even better to know that story is not over. God’s transforming love continues to unfold in our lives and in our church and in our world.

Yours, Pastor Heather

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