Who We Are

Kittamaqundi Community is a non-denominational community of faith that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here. People of all races, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and religious and political backgrounds are part of this loving community.

This is our Faith Statement...

Kittamaqundi Community believes that God, the Creator, has a vision of wholeness and reconciliation for the world. That vision is manifested in peace, compassion and mercy, economic and social justice, relationship to and co-creativity with God, and a deep respect for the earth.

We believe God's vision is fulfilled in Jesus' life and teachings. Through the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection, God opens up to the world a new reality.

At Kittamaqundi Community, we are being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the fullness of that new reality. Individually and communally, we commit to grow into fuller relationship with Christ, both spiritually and in the practical affairs of life.

Our inward transformation is marked by a disciplined life that includes daily prayer, weekly worship, regular scripture study and the sacrificial giving of our time and financial resources. Our outward transformation is marked by mission through small groups acting in fellowship with the poor, the afflicted and others who suffer injustice in our society.

And this is who we are...

Our Church Community:

• About 65 people who commit to the Member’s Covenant and full participation in the life of the community.
• About 60 other people who worship with us and participate at various levels. Many are involved in groups and/or with outreach.

Our Spiritual Structure:

• We have a Sunday morning worship service that is planned and conducted by monthly Worship Task Groups along with the Enabling Minister.
• Our worship, which is centered in the common lectionary scriptures, draws on a variety of Christian traditions as well as incorporating other religious traditions.
• We are committed to the use of inclusive language, the concept of individual spiritual paths versus a single dogma, and the congregation being involved in all aspects of ministry.
• Members commit annually to each of our core spiritual practices: daily prayer, weekly worship, regular scripture study, sacrificial giving of time and money, and participation in some sort of mission or outreach. Members also are required to participate in a CARE Group that supports individuals' spiritual journeys.
• Spiritual Enrichment classes are offered throughout the year.
• We have a Sunday School program weekly for 1-7-year-olds and a twice-monthly program for older youth.
• We hold an annual commitment retreat in November.
• We are united in prayer through an actively updated email system with requests made by and for the KC community and beyond.

Our Leadership Structure:

• Our Leadership Council (Board of Directors) is elected annually by the membership and is comprised of at least 7 Members who represent key leadership teams.
• Leadership teams oversee the key areas of responsibilities for the Church. There are six Leadership Teams:

* Building and Grounds
* Human Resources
* Finance and Outreach
* Worship
* Spiritual Enrichment
* Community Life

• Members meet quarterly, and as necessary, to discuss and vote on issues. These meetings also are open to the full church community.
• The paid staff is comprised of an Enabling Minister, an Office Administrator and a Sunday School teacher.

Our Building:

• Our restored 210-year-old stone carriage house is owned outright. Worship services and major celebrations are held in a large second floor area.
• The remainder of the building is divided into office and meeting spaces, kitchens and Sunday school spaces.
• Access is available for persons with disabilities to the second floor.
• A Sacred Garden behind the building was designed a few years ago, and continues to be groomed and developed. It is a “communal” space inviting the local neighborhood and wider community to visit and enjoy the welcoming sacred space. Weddings also are held there.
• The Community owns a timeshare at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center near Charlestown, West Virginia.

Our Community Life:

• The Community excels at celebrating events in individuals’ and the church’s life.
• We gather and support each other in times of crisis and death.

Our Ministerial History:

• Through our Faith Statement, our community commits to outreach, both within the church community as well as in the larger community. This outreach is usually facilitated through focus groups that are committed to a particular ministry.
• The Community grew from a core group that attended The Church of the Saviour in D.C.
• Our church was officially incorporated on January 5, 1969, although people had been meeting for worship on an informal basis for several months before then.
• Gerald Goethe served as KC’s first Enabling Minister from 1973 until his retirement in 1999.
• Wesley Baker served as our Interim Minister from February 2000 through Easter 2001.
• Rebecca Stelle served as our Enabling Minister from 2001 until 2004, when she was called to work at the Church of the Saviour ministries in Washington, DC.
• Heather Kirk-Davidoff joined KC as its Enabling Minister in 2005 and served until June 2017, when she moved to Albany, NY.
• Claire Matheny is our current Enabling Minister, coming on board July 1, 2018.

Our full-time, ordained minister supports and leads our individual and corporate spiritual growth, and inspires us in new and creative ways.

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