How We Serve

Kittamaqundi Community is a non-denominational community of faith that welcomes everyone, whoever you are and however you got here. People of all races, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and religious and political backgrounds are part of this loving community.

Our Outreach

We give 20% of all the money we collect from pledges and offering to charitable organizations involved in many areas: like fighting Hunger, providing Shelter, helping to save the Environment, promoting Health, supporting Families and working for Peace.

But that's not all.

We also are actively involved as a faith community in organizations that give service to others. Here are just a few:

Our Focus


This year was our 18th annual Girls’ Summer Adventure Camp. It is held at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, MD, and is part of our ongoing year-long relationship between KC and Agape House. Agape House is located in Baltimore City and is “a place where God’s love meets people’s needs.” We have been in relationship with Agape House since 1997. The camp is an opportunity for people of different cultural backgrounds to grow to love and appreciate each other as we live, play and learn together. A variety of camp activities helps the girls develop self-confidence and learn to work together. In addition to learning, the campers have a great experience of being away from the usual difficulties of their lives and having lots of fun!


The Cold Weather Shelter is a continuing partnership between Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, the faith community and Howard County government, and is an important part of the Coordinated System of Homeless Services in Howard County. For 13 weeks during the winter, “overflow homeless” people are housed by churches for a week. Many congregations and thousands of volunteers have helped make this program special. It could not function without them! KC has been participating in the Cold Weather Shelter since its inception. More than 80% of KC people participate in some way.


God calls us to respond with compassion to those who are suffering around us. We have felt the damage that homelessness does to the individual and the community, and feel compelled to respond. After almost four years of fundraising and learning the ropes, Help End Homelessness Howard County bought a home and placed a homeless family in it. This could not have happened without KC members' long-term sacrificial giving of their time, money and energy. AND, we are moving forward, building relationships with the families we have placed in five homes so far.


“I was hungry and you fed me.” Matthew 25:35

Each month, the members of KC have an opportunity to meet Jesus at the Route One Day Resource Center. We have an opportunity to cook for Him, to serve Him dinner, to make sure that He has a chance to take a shower and wash His clothes. We also have an opportunity to make sure that we can give Him some new clothes or a few cans of food to help feed Him until the center opens again. And… we never miss this opportunity to serve Him. The real hands of God in all of this are the many enthusiastic, committed volunteers who do the cooking, serve the food and staff many other positions at the center.


Working through Lutheran Social Services in 2016, we initially assembled Welcome Kits for 50 needy refugee families. But we wanted to do more. So, with the help of LSS and several other faith communities (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) in our region, we succeeded in bringing a refugee family from overseas to resettle in the Columbia area. The parents and their four children arrived in February of 2017, and have been thriving ever since in a three-bedroom townhouse being provided for them. Several teams of people from all of these participating faith communities are helping to make the transition for this beautiful and remarkable family smooth and comfortable.


The KC Sacred Garden is a quiet garden filled with plants, paths, benches, a labyrinth, a pond and secluded areas in which to meditate. It is a gift from us to the wider community at large, and is open to everyone all year long.

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