Looking for a church? Or just looking?

Here's a short video about us.Click on the picture.

We welcome everyone! Just the way they are...
♥  Whether you're "religious" or not.
♥  Your voice matters!
♥  You'll be fully included (as much as you want).
♥  We won't judge you.

For us, Worship is not a "spectator sport."
♥  It's a celebration that we all are welcome to join!
♥  Our services are planned by members of the congregation, alongside our enabling minister.
♥  We often pass the microphone during services to hear people's reflections.
♥  We have fun! And we laugh a lot.

We focus both on individual growth and action in the world.
♥  We give 20% of our offerings to serving those in need.
♥  We focus on feeding the hungry, providing shelter, gardening for peace, prison ministry and aid to struggling families.
♥  We support all of God's children.

We are a bottom-up church.
♥  Our congregation is driven by ideas, thoughts and calls from within.
♥  The role of our minister is not to direct, but to enable us to do these things.
♥  Come inspire us with your ideas!

Let's Be Inspired Together!

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