Kittamaqundi Community Church was started by a small group of local residents who were attending worship at the Church of the Savior in Washington, D.C.

After much discussion and prayer, they identified the call of God in their lives and decided to form their own church in the "new city" of Columbia, Maryland.

At first, members of the group met in each other's homes. Then, on January 5, 1969, Kittamaqundi Community was born when its first public worship service was held at King's Contrivance restaurant.

Later that year, KC moved to Columbia's Town Center in the Oakland Manor house, where services were held over the next three years.

In 1970, KC contracted with the town of Columbia to purchase the nearby Oliver's Carriage House, which then was part of Oakland Manor. The purchase was completed on May 26, 1972, and church services were moved here.

On Labor Day 1973, the community began renovating the Carriage House. That work was completed by 1977, and KC's first worship service in the newly renovated building was held on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1977.

Since its beginning, Kittamaqundi Community has included all people who come together for worship, meetings or other events. In fact, our name, Kittamaqundi, is a Native American word that means "gathering place."



The Council (board of directors) is made up of people elected by the Membership and participating in one of our five Leadership Teams:

smallball Building and Grounds (supervises church facilities and grounds; coordinates rentals)

smallball Human Resources (supervises the paid staff, including our minister)

smallball Finance and Outreach (develops the budget and supervises Outreach funding)

smallball Community Life (oversees non-worship activities)

smallball Worship (responsible for worship services and worship leadership groups)


Called by anyone who has completed the terms of Membership, these groups support the "inner journey" at KC. They are open to anyone, whether a Member or not. They are designed to hold Members accountable to the disciplines, as well as to provide all who worship at KC with a place for support in their spiritual journeys. These groups may or may not have an outward mission.

To learn more about our CARE Groups, or for information about how you can explore one, please call the church office at
410-730-4855, or e-mail kcchurch@verizon.net.

If you'd like to be part of our KC Announcements e-mail group, please send a note to kcannouncements@verizon.net


Anyone may call one of these "action" groups, which support the "outer journey" at KC. These groups may be called to such activities as teaching classes, publishing our church newsletter, planning the annual Easter breakfast, or collecting food for the needy.



Kittamaqundi Community believes that God, the Creator, has a vision of wholeness and reconciliation for the world. That vision is manifested in peace, compassion and mercy, economic and social justice, relationship to and co-creativity with God, and a deep respect for the earth.

We believe God's vision is fulfilled in Jesus' life and teachings. Through the mystery of Jesus' death and resurrection, God opens up to the world a new reality.

At Kittamaqundi Community, we are being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the fullness of that new reality. Individually and communally, we commit to grow into fuller relationship with Christ, both spiritually and in the practical affairs of life.

Our inward transformation is marked by a disciplined life that includes daily prayer, weekly worship, regular scripture study and the sacrificial giving of our time and financial resources. Our outward transformation is marked by mission through small groups acting in fellowship with the poor, the afflicted and others who suffer injustice in our society.

We commit to freely give and receive support and accountability, to evoke each other's gifts, to comfort, instruct and inspire each other, and to witness to our faith. For us, these disciplines are not an end in themselves. Rather, they are tools that bring us closer to God and God's vision as revealed in Jesus.

We are an independent Christian community that welcomes dialogue and diversity of all kinds. We invite everyone to join us as we strive to meet the challenges of living our faith in the world.







Explore living fully into our Faith Statement, and make a public commitment to each of our
core spiritual practices:

smallball Regular prayer

smallball Regular scripture study

smallball Weekly worship attendance

smallball Pledge of service and financial support.

smallball Participation in a CARE group.